The programs of New Hope Enterprises address the specific challenges that unemployed individuals (many of whom have arrest records) may face re-entering the workforce. Our solution-based case- management plans are designed to alleviate the most common obstacles to understanding the employment process, navigating the educational system and identifying appropriate employment opportunities. Specifically, our comprehensive case-management solutions address the major obstacles encountered by the hard-to-employ. Our strategies include:

  • Place-based employment strategies reach people where they live.
  • Workforce readiness strategies link training in “soft skills,” e.g., general work habits, workplace comportment, and appropriate attitudes;
  • Public job creation strategies are used to build the basic employment skills of harder-to-employ people with limited labor force experience; and
  • Specific resources are provided to help people with substance abuse issues, mental-health problems, criminal histories, and family violence.

Clients are referred to New Hope from local nonprofit partners, through strategic marketing efforts and by word-of-mouth from participants who have successfully completed our program. Each client receives a comprehensive evaluation that includes assessment testing and a face-to face interview with a client services staff member. Additionally, New Hope requires that clients:

  • Have a stable living environment for the duration of the program.
  • Be drug free, and willing to submit to random drug testing when requested.
  • Have a plan that addresses potential transportation and childcare issues.


The client services team recommends client selection and is responsible for creating a

specialized case-management plan for that individual, including benchmark goals and a support plan focusing on the development of life skills needed to become fully integrated, working members of the community. The comprehensive case-management plan includes the program requirements, timeline for each client’s plan and anticipated completion date, starting from the intake assessment, communication of recommendations, program orientation, STRIVE training, and additional vocational job training and certification programs that will lead to sustainable employment for the participant.

New Hope’s decision to offer job training with career certification helps ensure employers that program participants have met the industry standard, and received a certificate that enhances job placement opportunities, permanent employment options and career advancement possibilities. Our goal is to offer specific training within disciplines that have a growing demand in its workforce, and offers upward mobility for participants.

The primary goal is to place graduates of job-training programs into full-time employment. New Hope will employ a job developer to work directly with graduates of the job-training programs and with potential employers to secure gainful, full-time employment for each graduate. Before a participant graduates from the STRIVE CORE+ component, the job developer will begin to research appropriate jobs for each graduate and help him or her to set up interviews. During the hiring decision-making process, the job developer will follow up with both the graduate and employer.

New Hope Enterprises is developing collaborative partnerships with local companies so that graduates will have genuine opportunities for placement upon graduation. The experience we will acquire in matching candidates to appropriate job opportunities will be key to the program's success.

The 70 percent job retention rate for New Hope graduates far exceeds the success of any government-sponsored program.

New Hope Enterprises will place graduates in entry-level and growth-opportunity positions in the food service industries, manufacturing, construction, retail, non-profit, office administration, security, and custodial industries, among others.

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